Thursday, July 28, 2011

...summer show #3

It was awhile ago at this point, but the week that started with seeing Britney Spears ended with the Tragically Hip's show at Shaw Park ( park....really?....).

Ummmm....can we say polar opposite shows?

This was my first time at a concert at the ballpark and I think it's a pretty versatile venue.  We wandered around for a bit at first, deciding what to get for dinner, then had a seat at a patio table and stayed there for Hey Rosetta's set.  Aside from a random song here and there, I wasn't too familiar with them prior to this concert.  They were really solid, and didn't seem phased about the number of people (or lack thereof) who came early to see their set.  I was impressed - with the food, the view, the amazing weather, and Hey Rosetta.

I swear, there were way more people there than what it looks like from this angle. 

During Broken Social Scene, we discovered why there were barely any people in their seats.  We spent the ENTIRE set in line for drinks.  I'm not sure the staff at the venue were prepared for the alcohol that people would be consuming that night.  Thankfully, after about 35 minutes in line, they opened up another line strictly for beer, and that helped alleviate a bit of the wait.

What can anyone say about the Tragically Hip?  They're consistent.  They're polished.  They've been playing together for years AND IT SHOWS.  You know exactly what you're going to get at a Tragically Hip concert and that's why people love to go, over and over again.  Including me.  I actually sung myself hoarse...which may have also been the start of the epic cold....but it was so worth it.

Iphone camera = not a fan of the wide shot

They played every song you could have hoped to hear (although the New Orleans/Nautical Disaster medley was a bit odd), and throwing in Wheat Kings for the encore was a nice touch to end a great night :)

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