Saturday, April 23, 2011

...things I want to learn to do

- use Photoshop (really use it, not just for brightness or resizing)
- take amazing photos (I'm realistic about my "skills" at this point)
- drive standard
- bake a cake from scratch
- bake bread from scratch
- sew a piece of clothing (one that I could actually wear out in public)
- play the trombone (I used to know how to do this....I miss it sometimes)
- invest money (wisely...and not just in RRSPs)
- edit in Blogger (this thing frustrates me to no end)
- dance (again....missing this class lately)
- use spices when I cook
- write
- fix a broken toilet (mine is fine right now *knock wood*)
- knit
- make perogies like my grandmother used to
- golf (better than I do)
- another language
- proper CPR
- the basic parts of my car so the people at Honda don't have to always explain things from scratch
- what's wrong with my back so I can get back to working out and doing yoga
- build something out of wood
- ride a subway without getting lost
- shoot and edit a recording on my computer
- get my post bacc (not a specific skill per say....but hopefully some learning occurs along the way)
- let go
- be more outgoing
- take more chances

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

...some things that I'm loving right now

1. Asparagus.
- I had not eaten asparagus until about a year ago.  Now....I have it at least a couple of times a week.

2. Anything Bethenny
- The televisions shows, the book, talk show appearances.  L-O-V-E her.  Want to hang out with her for a day and hope that some of her honesty/ballsy-ness rubs off on me.

3. Warmer weather.
- It's getting here.  Slowly but surely.

4. This book.
- Just finished this.  I don't think it's the best one of the series, but the ending actually surprised me and I definitely laughed out loud a few times.

5. Adele.
- Honestly....I listen to "Rolling in the Deep" multiple times a day.  Every single day.

6. Sewing.
- Totally theraputic.

7. Invictus
- This poem struck a chord in a way that few have.

8.  Fresh fruit.
- The selection in the stores is getting better, which is just another sign that summer is getting closer.

9. Community.
- Oh. My. God.  Hilarious.

10. "Keep Calm and Carry On" print
- I've loved this for years.  It's next on my shopping list.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

...Sunday shots

Morning soundtrack

Post grocery shopping

Leftovers for lunch

Afternoon TV

Favorite <3

Thursday, April 7, 2011

...somewhere I had never been before

Edmonton, Alberta.

Some people I've talked to find it hard to believe that I had never been to Edmonton before.  It's not very far away from Winnipeg, and with all of the attractions in the mall, it's a pretty common destination for families with kids.  But my family never traveled very far when I was young; we mostly went to "the farm" (eastern Saskatchewan) or camping somewhere within the province.  My mom hates to fly (or is deathly afraid of it....either description fits), so vacations were spent close to home.

One of my oldest and closest friends moved out to Edmonton a few years ago.  We had talked about my going out there to visit quite a few times, but plans always fell through.  One morning in February, I woke up determined to start doing the things that I keep putting off (it's quite a list), so I got online at 7 am and booked a flight for late March.

The trip was quick...our time off work only overlapped for three days.  My flight got me there at 7 am though, so we made the most of them.

Now.  I'm a shopper who doesn't shop often.  It sounds odd, but I just don't make the time to go very much.  But when I do.....I come home with lots.  In total, we took three trips to the mall.  The first time was to eat and see the attractions - I really wanted to see the marine show and thought that we could feed the sea lions.  We couldn't, but having my picture taken right beside one was an okay substitute.

(obviously not the picture I'm in.  This was during the show.)


The actual shopping took two trips.  One trip for the upper level and the other for the main floor.  I'm still in physio, so walking this mall took some effort and ended up being painful.  But we both wore comfy shoes and powered through.  We only went into the stores that we couldn't easily go to here, and it STILL took us over seven hours!  But the shirts, dresses, purses, and jewelery were worth it!

And I finally shopped at an IKEA store!!!!!!  It was tough, because I couldn't buy anything that was too large or too heavy (I didn't want to deal with shipping anything here either).  We found some pretty cool little things though.  Like the prettiest pack of straws you've ever seen.  And of course, I kept the little pencil you pick up when you walk in.

But by far, the best part was three days with the kind of friend who you never have to put on a show for.  Who you can tell all of your worst stuff to, and she'll never look at you any differently.  Who you can laugh with about stuff that happened ten years ago, and she totally gets the hilarity of it too.  It's one of those friendships where time, distance, and differences (which are vast) don't really matter.  The kind that you are totally lucky to find.

Friday, April 1, 2011

...something I've been listening to

The Tragically Hip.  All day long.

I woke up with Wheat Kings in my head this morning, literally within minutes of my eyes opening.

Then at some point, I switched over to singing Bobcaygeon.

And while I was driving around this afternoon running some errands, I finally ended up with Scared (an all-time favorite).

The first time that I saw the Hip in concert was during the Day for Night tour.  And I had no idea what I was walking friends and I were just excited to go and take a limo to the arena.  I didn't know that there would be people all around us who had been listening to the band for years, who had gone to every concert they performed here in the city, and who knew literally every word to every song like they were anthems....We were probably around 15 at the time, what did we know?

The second and third times were slightly different.  We were slowly becoming those loyal fans who always bought the tickets, and who screamed along with Gord Downie at the top of our lungs.  We didn't know the words to every song yet, but we were getting there.

The last time that I saw the Hip live was when they performed a free concert at the Forks in support of War Child.  There were approximately 80 000 people there (a bit much for my claustrophobia), and I went with my (then) boyfriend and a friend of his.  We went early, or at least we thought we were early, and still ended up miles away from the stage.  But the day was amazing.  They played every song that we had hoped to hear....and I even got a dance out of my guy during Scared (he really was a good sport about my whims).

They've obviously toured since, but I figured that few things could top the last show I saw so I haven't been to see the band since.  Next time though....I'm there.