Saturday, August 20, 2011

...a new favourite

I have a lot of favourites in life. 

Favourite television shows, movies, and books. 
Favourite restauarants, stores, and areas of the city to shop in. 
Favourite fruits, vegetables, cereals, and drinks. 
Favourite kinds of pens, post-its, and mechanical pencils (I'm a stationary nerd.) 
Favourite times of day, days of the week, months, and seasons. 
Favourite websites, blogs, and magazines.
Favourite holidays and people. 

One of my latest favourites is an accessory.  After seeing a giveaway on Kelly Purkey's blog, I immediately went to Basil the Cat's etsy shop and bought myself an inital necklace.

Left = from Basil the Cat's etsy.  Right = the silver M necklace that I purchased

It shipped quickly; it was in a very cute, sturdy package; and I love it completely.  The chain is pretty delicate, so I'm not wearing it every day - plus I'm a bit of an accessory junkie, so it's rare that I wear the same necklace for several days in a row.  But I LOVE this one.  It's a great length and just a bit more of a personal touch than most necklaces.

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