Saturday, April 23, 2011

...things I want to learn to do

- use Photoshop (really use it, not just for brightness or resizing)
- take amazing photos (I'm realistic about my "skills" at this point)
- drive standard
- bake a cake from scratch
- bake bread from scratch
- sew a piece of clothing (one that I could actually wear out in public)
- play the trombone (I used to know how to do this....I miss it sometimes)
- invest money (wisely...and not just in RRSPs)
- edit in Blogger (this thing frustrates me to no end)
- dance (again....missing this class lately)
- use spices when I cook
- write
- fix a broken toilet (mine is fine right now *knock wood*)
- knit
- make perogies like my grandmother used to
- golf (better than I do)
- another language
- proper CPR
- the basic parts of my car so the people at Honda don't have to always explain things from scratch
- what's wrong with my back so I can get back to working out and doing yoga
- build something out of wood
- ride a subway without getting lost
- shoot and edit a recording on my computer
- get my post bacc (not a specific skill per say....but hopefully some learning occurs along the way)
- let go
- be more outgoing
- take more chances

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