Tuesday, April 12, 2011

...some things that I'm loving right now

1. Asparagus.
- I had not eaten asparagus until about a year ago.  Now....I have it at least a couple of times a week.

2. Anything Bethenny
- The televisions shows, the book, talk show appearances.  L-O-V-E her.  Want to hang out with her for a day and hope that some of her honesty/ballsy-ness rubs off on me.

3. Warmer weather.
- It's getting here.  Slowly but surely.

4. This book.
- Just finished this.  I don't think it's the best one of the series, but the ending actually surprised me and I definitely laughed out loud a few times.

5. Adele.
- Honestly....I listen to "Rolling in the Deep" multiple times a day.  Every single day.

6. Sewing.
- Totally theraputic.

7. Invictus
- This poem struck a chord in a way that few have.

8.  Fresh fruit.
- The selection in the stores is getting better, which is just another sign that summer is getting closer.

9. Community.
- Oh. My. God.  Hilarious.

10. "Keep Calm and Carry On" print
- I've loved this for years.  It's next on my shopping list.

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