Sunday, June 12, 2011

...a blog I needed to read

The paths that lead you to come across certain people at specific times are really interesting.

I went to high school with Leigh-Ann from Freckled Nest, and I've read her blog for years.  Recently, she has partnered up with the totally adorable Kyla, which led me to her blog.  [Sidenote: I'm loving reading blogs from people who live in the same city as I do....and who love it just as much too.]  This week, Kyla did an interview with Thursday at My Girl Thursday, which I headed on over to read.

Well....Thursday was doing a series on blogging - how to get started, how to stay motivated, etc.  and wow, was it exactly what I needed to read right now!!

May was a really hard month, in so many ways.  There were bright spots too, but overall....blah.  Slowly, but surely, June has been better so far, but mainly because I'm putting in the effort to make it so.  I've started working out again (I call it "working out"....I'm not sure that what I'm able to do right now technically meets that definition), getting more sleep, getting caught up at work, spending time with people who make me laugh and like to talk about good things (instead of people who like to do nothing but moan and complain)....and I'm starting to feel like myself again (YAY!!!).  But writing was the one thing still left behind. 

Thursday's blog series was the kick start that I needed.  I'll have to thank her for that.

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  1. Neat to hear about you finding Chantilly through that rabbit trail :) blogging can be so good and sometimes also hard-- but totally worth it :) Especially when you find your groove. Hope you keep at it :) xo