Tuesday, June 14, 2011

...a busy month ahead

I'm the type of girl who like to plan things ahead of time.  For a long time, I wished that I could be the type of person who didn't need to make plans....who could send out a text to five or six people on a Friday night and end up with an amazing random night of adventures.  But that's just not me.

Anyways, in the next month, I'll be:
- wrapping up things at work
- enjoying a couple of "end of the year" BBQs/nights out
- taking my dad to see Trombone Shorty at the WECC for Father's Day

- heading to Toronto for a four day conference (l-o-v-e that city!)
- starting another university course a couple of days after I get back
- going to see Britney Spears (yes...partly out of curiosity, partly to relive a piece of my youth)
- adding another Tragically Hip show to my list as well
- spending some time with my cousin to ease my guilt of missing her high school graduation (AND valedictorian address) because I'll be in Toronto
- getting ready to head to the Fringe Festival!!!!! (my annual favorite....should I volunteer this year???)

Can't wait!

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