Friday, September 2, 2011

...list #1

I'm a lover of lists.  I make them for any and all reasons.  So when I came across 30 Days of Lists, I immediately signed up.  It's really not expensive ($6? most people spend that on a crazy coffee order that requires way too many words), and there are tons of downloads, printables, and tutorials.  Totally worth it in my opinion.

I'm realistic though; it is September, and starting next week I will be working full-time (+) again, as well as starting two new even though the idea of making a really cute mini-book to update and fill with these lists is a nice idea, it isn't going to happen this month.

Instead I'm going to try and keep them on here.  Posting all 30 lists may not be very realistic either, but hey...a girl can dream.  And maybe one day I'll take all of these and make that mini-book.


1. Complete a 5K
- I'm petrified and nursing a slightly pulled muscle in my leg, but this has been a goal since January and my dad and I are both signed up for this one.  So it's happening.

2. Eat three meals a day
- My eating habits this summer have gotten way ridiculous.  Going back to work should fix this.

3. Finish making/hanging the panels in my livingroom
- If this project works, there will be pictures. 

4. Keep up at school/work
- Once I fall behind, there's no catching up (as I've learned from experience).  The longer I can stay on top of things at work, the better.  Plus, I've taken a course with one of these profs before, and falling behind isn't pretty.

5. Finish the two books I've been reading since July.
- They're good....honestly...but there's so much other stuff to do in the summer.  And when I sit outside to read, I fall asleep.  Every time.  (I bought the best lounge chair EVER in June.)  However, there are 50+ other books that I would like to move on to, and I really want to finish these ones first.

There are a few other small things that I could throw on here, but five is enough for now. 

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