Sunday, February 20, 2011

...things I'm choosing to focus on

For each of the last eight days, I've had some sort of kick to the teeth (metaphorically speaking of course).  Each one has sucked in its own unique way, but by Thursday, they were really starting to get to me.  Throw in the last three days, and I'm spent.

But I know that in the long run, this too shall pass.  Stressful work conflicts will be solved (or perhaps just forgotten all together when the next conflicts start), broken things will be fixed (like sinks, cars, and even hearts), body parts will heal, and lost pieces of ID can be replaced (oh, how I'm looking forward to dealing with the government this week....).

So I'm choosing to find the bright spots in this long weekend, which was oh-so-needed.  And with three days off, how can there not be a lot of bright spots?

- Corn Pops.
I don't usually buy really sugary cereals, but at physio on Friday after work, I mentioned that given my day, I was planning on having popcorn for dinner.  My physiotherapist's reply?  "You have to at least have some cereal first!"  After two years, she's come to know me pretty well.....and the Corn Pops jumped out at me when I stopped at the store on my way home.

- the best breakfast I have ever made.
This is a big claim for me.  I'm not much of a cook, but I can do breakfasts.  Yesterday?  French toast (whole wheat bread - trying to repent for the Corn Pops for supper - with cinnamon and vanilla in the batter) and warm apple chunks with cinnamon on top, with just a bit of syrup.  Oh my.  It was really really good.

- waking up in the morning and reading half of a new book before even getting out of bed.

- spending some time with my parents.
Two people who can, on occasion, drive me crazy.  But who also get when I've been kicked in the teeth all week and can provide exactly the right distraction.

- finally using my new vegetable steamer.
I made a pretty big veggie medley for dinner last night.  Paired it with some rice and kidney beans.  Still making up for the Corn Pops.

- getting so close to finishing this incredibly difficult puzzle.

It may not look that bad, but the black sky and the fireworks, which are totally random and crazy looking individual pieces, have been my nemesis on this one.  I will get this done this weekend, even if I forgo sleep tonight.  Then I'm figuring out how to mount and frame it for my dining room.

- shopping and lunch with two fabulous women.
Some new cute tops and lots of laughing.  Enough said.

- finally figuring out and sewing a drawstring bag

- watching movies Sunday night and knowing that I don't have to get up early on Monday morning.

A good long weekend outweighs a crummy week every time.

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